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Junior FAQ

We answer Frequently Aasked Questions about Touch Football for kids and teens

How old do you have to be to play Touch Football?
You can start playing Touch Football as young as 5 years old. The youngest division on offer is Under-7s. The next division up tends to be Under-9s. Depending on the Affiliate/Club you’re playing at, and the age criteria of their competitions, kids can play with their parents in ‘Open’ divisions, whether that’s in Mixed, Men’s or Women’s teams.

Is Touch Football safe?
Touch Football is ‘minimal contact’ - there’s no tackling. Teams ‘attack’ simply by touching. So Touch Football comes with a low risk of serious injury.

What is the key season for Touch Football?
Touch Football is played all year around, but unlike other footy codes, the key season is ‘summer’ – anywhere from July in Queensland and August in other states and territories of Australia. Depending on the Affiliate/Club, most Junior competitions are only run during this ‘summer’ season. Junior seasons tend to be shorter than ‘Open’/senior seasons, running for around 10 weeks. 

My kid doesn't know how to play Touch Football, help!
Head to this website's Beginners' Hub where you'll find quick and simple resources to learn how to play and improve your game.

Can boys and girls play together?
Yes. Whole families (including parents and grandparents) can play together in some Mixed competitions, depending on the age criteria specified by the Affiliate/Club running the competition. Though when it comes to Junior competitions, Affiliates often specify that a competition is Girls or Boys.

What do kids need?
Kids can play in sneakers but typically, they’d wear football boots. That’s all you need to play. The team needs a Steeden Touch Football. If you want to buy your own, click here: touchfootball.shopdesq.com/touchfootballs. With Juniors, the Affiliate often organises team shirts, but if you need to get team uniforms made up, go to Inferno and order as soon as possible

Why would I choose Touch Football for my child over other sports?
It’s inclusive and it comes with a low risk of injury. It’s simple to learn, and its rules are easily modifiable to suit the age and stage of participants. It suits busy families – there’s a low time commitment because a game is over in 45 minutes (two 20-minute halves), and no training commitments are required. It’s affordable – all you need is a pair of footy boots (or even just sneakers). And it develops important skills like running, passing and catching, teamwork, communication, leadership, cooperation and social interaction. Plus it’s a fun, social way to stay active.

Can my child play Touch Football at school?
Yes. 400,000 school students take part in Touch Football each year. There are Sporting Schools Touch Football programs available for primary school students, and secondary school students in Years 7 and 8. To find out more about Sporting Schools Touch Football programs, go to Sporting Schools FAQs.

Is there a pathway into elite Touch Football if my child really likes it?
Yes. If kids do want to play at the elite level one day, they can work up to playing in Australian or state representative teams, or in the televised NRL Touch Premiership.

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