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Athelite Australian Emus

Australian Athelite Emus

Australia's national representative Touch Football teams are known as the Athelite Emus.

The Athelite Australian Emus

Australia's national representative Touch Football teams are known as the Athelite Emus. The highest-level Athelite Australian Emus teams are the Men's Open, Women's Open and Mixed Open teams. Unlike other team sports, there are Mixed divisions at the most elite level of Touch. Touch Football athletes can also represent the Athelite Emus at Youth and Masters levels. The Athelite Emus represent Australia in Touch World Cup events and Trans-Tasman Test Series.

Why are they called The Pain Away Emus?

The emu sits beside the kangaroo on the coat of arms and takes pride of place on all Australian team shirts, over the heart. Sharing the coat of arms with the kangaroo reflects the partnership between the NRL and their national men's Rugby League team, The Kangaroos, and TFA and our national Touch Football teams, The Pain Away Emus. Working side by side, representing both sports, are the kangaroo and the emu.

why are they called the Pain Away Emus?

Emus are athletic and fast; with long powerful legs, the bird can reach speeds of up to 50km/h and can travel hundreds of kilometres. Our athletes are fast and will run all day. And the emu, as with the kangaroo, cannot take a backward step. Our Pain Away Emus Program will always look forward and evolve; we will continue to look for ways to improve. We will never go backwards.

Why are they called the Pain Away Emus?

The Emu has a long history with Australia's Indigenous culture and is featured in many Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and artworks. The Emu reflects our respect for our past, current and future Indigenous Touch Football athletes.

Australian Sports Foundation

TFA has partnered with the Australian Sports Foundation to enable our Pain Away Emus to receive tax-deductible donations. Donations to individuals or the team can be made via the button below.

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