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Learn from The Emus

Australian Emu's representatives cover Touch Football skills.

The Athelite Australian Emus

Australia's national representative Touch Football teams are known as the Athelite Emus. The highest-level Athelite Australian Emus teams are the Men's Open, Women's Open and Mixed Open teams. Unlike other team sports, there are Mixed divisions at the most elite level of Touch. Touch Football athletes can also represent the Athelite Emus at Youth and Masters levels. The Athelite Emus represent Australia in Touch World Cup events and Trans-Tasman Test Series.


Learn How to Step

Jordan Marshall-King discusses the fundamentals on stepping.


Learn How to Catch

Zara Nicholas and Steph Maiolo teach you the fundamentals of catching and show you some drills to improve your skills.

Winger Finishing

Learn How to Finish as a Winger

Madalitso Masache discusses the fundamentals on finishing as a winger.

Ball Grip & Control

Learn Ball Grip & Control

The Russell Brothers discuss the fundamentals of Ball Grip & Control.

Slide Dive

Learn How to Slide Dive

Justin Cridland discusses the fundamentals on slide diving.

Beginners' Hub

Beginners' Hub

Simple resources for first-timers to Touch Football.

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