Elite Touch athletes/coaches who are also Personal Trainers share their #1 top tip for taking your fitness to the next level in 2021...

Ash Kearney (trainer at Science of Fitness, Brisbane, and co-creator of The Final Touch online training program)
STRENGTH TRAINING IS KEY: "In my experience, one of the best things I can recommend is starting a proper strength-training program. A lot of people I know go to the gym and do HIIT classes, cardio classes, strength circuits, etc, which is awesome. Though one of the things I've found most useful is following a structured strength program and ramping up the weights progressively. Strength training has such a great spillover effect for sprinting, agility, fitness, injury prevention and more, and I believe it's made one of the biggest differences to my Touch Football."

John Kennedy (Director at Ksquared Sportstyle wellbeing specialists, Sydney)
TAP INTO THE GROWTH MINDSET: "Remember, whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right! Tap into the growth mindset as much as you can. You must believe you can learn and grow at any skill, and focus on being better every time you attempt any skill. I highly recommend reading the book 'Mindset' by Carrol Dweck."

Dan Withers (Founder, VidaFit gym, Rockhampton) 
TAKE AN 'OUT-TRAIN YOUR COMPETITOR' HEADSPACE: "When it comes to motivating yourself to either train or get the most from your session, I often ask athletes to think about what their competition is doing right now. It's one of two things. Either they aren't training, and in that case, right now is the perfect opportunity to put distance between you and them. Or they are training and then it becomes about tipping in every last effort in order to out-train them. If you imagine them being there competing with you, you'll be sure to put in 100%. By consistently adopting this perspective you will come out on top."

Dave Zanette (CrossFit Games competitor)
"Nutrition is a major part of fitness, they say you are what you eat. It's very simple, you need good fuel to perform well. I highly recommend using a nutritionist to help get the best out of yourself, it's one area of sport that tends to be lacking."

Sammy-Jo Curtis (trainer, The Fitness Collective AU, Gold Coast)
NEVER MISS A MONDAY: "To prioritise my training I schedule my training and recovery sessions at the start of the week and actually book them in my calendar. 


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