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The Final Touch

The training program that gets you fit while improving the skills you need to become a better Touch Football player

How to access the program

How to access the program

The Final Touch training program is accessible anywhere. You'll get daily workouts you can do at home or in a park for just $7.99 per week (stop at any time). Click the button to see a range of membership options. Or to find out more, keep reading.


Tell us about The Final Touch training program?
Exercise Scientists and Personal Trainers Sammy Rodgers and Ash Kearney, who both represent Australia in Touch Football, created The Final Touch in partnership with Touch Football Australia. They've recently launched their first daily-workouts program to help everyone – from social Touch Football players to representative players and even their non-Touch-playing family members – get fit and improve the skills they need to become better Touch players. It's the perfect way to train during isolation while you can't play sport. 

What can people who download the program expect? 
Members will have access to daily workouts designed to help everyone get fit and improve their performance on the Touch field. Members are assigned a weekly schedule with each day focused on a specific component of footy fitness. (You can access to daily sessions, though you can pick and choose what best suits your training schedule and load.) The key sessions include:

  • Fit: A combination of aerobic and anaerobic interval sessions that will improve your ability to recover faster, make second efforts and reduce errors during the back end of the game. 
  • Fast: Short, sharp and explosive sessions to improve your rucking, accelerating into a hold and changing direction. 
  • Strong: A combination of upper-body, lower-body and core strength workouts that help build your base, keep your body resilient and improve your overall athletic ability. 
  • Skilled: A variety of ball skills to help with hand-eye coordination, as well as general balance, stability and proprioception exercises.
  • Surprise: A combination of any of the workouts above plus some cross-training.

Members will also have access to an entire library of exercises, drills and skills specific to Touch. 

What do you get, in addition to daily workouts?
You get coaching tips, blogs, bonus sessions and more.

Is the program worthwhile for social players who just play Touch for fun? Or just people on the representative pathway?
The program is accessible and relevant to absolutely all Touch participants. The session options vary to cater for the entire Touch community. The program is for males and females of any age and any playing ability. Whether you're a social Touch player, an upcoming junior rep or an elite player or referee, this program is for you.

Do you need equipment?
Although equipment isn’t necessary, the Steeden workout at-home Touch Football pack has you covered – check it out here: bit.ly/steedentouchpack

How much does the program cost? 
$7.99 per week, paid weekly, with no lock-in contract. 

How do I get the program?
Go to www.thefinaltouch.online/info

Tell us more about Sammy and Ash's qualifications?
Sammy Rodgers is an Exercise and Health Scientist, Personal Trainer, Touch Football Coach and PDHPE Teacher in Sydney. Ash Kearney is an Exercise and Movement Scientist, Personal Trainer at Science of Fitness in Brisbane and a Touch Football Coach. They are two of the best Touch Football athletes in the world; both play in the Australian Women's Open team.

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