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Referee FAQs

How do I become a Touch Football referee?
Head over to Touch Football Australia's online Learning Management System, The Nest, powered by etrainu. The Nest is where you'll find online education for refereeing, coaching and more. Start by becoming a Level 1 Referee, then you can further your education to work through higher levels.

What uniform do I need to referee? 
You need an NRL Touch Football kit (at least a shirt and shorts or skirt) to referee Touch Football, as well as a whistle. Head to our online shop to purchase.

Can I play and also referee?
Sure! Many Touch Football participants play and also referee, often on the same night. You might play a game then referee someone else's game afterwards. 

What can I earn as a Touch Football referee? 
This varies from competition to competition. Some referees at local park level can earn up to $100 for an evening of games.

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