The Championship 2024 was held on the 8th of March to the 10th of March, during this time our SA Heat team competed in the Mixed Open B division. This division proved to be a good challenge for our team. 

The first round was played against the WA Tigers. The Tigers came out on top with a score of 3 to 6. Our try scores for the game were Darren Williams, Joel Nolan and Lacey Arbon. Round two brought the COL Bluefins as the opponent, they proved to be a tough team, ultimately beating the SA Heat 7 tries to 5. Try scores for this game included Joel Nolan, Patrick McGavin, Tyson Blanco, Emily Moskwa and April Zimmerman. The last game for day one was against the UQ Rebels. We were able to get the win in this game 7 tries to 6. April Zimmerman had a total of 3 tries for this game, other try scorers included Joel Nolan, Dean Philp, Emily Moskwa and Djarwan Williams. 

Day 2 started with the rematch with the WA Tigers, the final score was 8 tries to 4 going the way of the Tigers. Try scorers for this game were Lauren Frost, Joel Nolan, Patrick McGavin and Dean Philp. The rematch between the SA Heat and COL Bluefins proved even more difficult with Patrick McGavin being our only try scorer for the game and COL Bluefins scoring 8 tries. The last minor round game was against UQ Rebels where the SA Heat won 7 tries to 3. Patrick McGavin scored 3 tries, April Zimmermann scored 2, Stephen Daenke and Caitlin McMahon scored 1 each.

Day 3 was the day of the Semi Final; our opponent was an Alliance team in the WA Tigers. The Heat fought hard until the end but unfortunately could not get the win. The final score was 6 tries to 1, our only try scorer being Joel Nolan.


During this campaign the team was fortunate enough to have Michael Sheeky launch “the 1% Club”. This was to remember those who pushed for those 1% efforts, the out on your feet, give me more attitudes that lead to big moments in the games. An extra acknowledgement for those who pushed hard each game.

Game one we saw Megan Elliott as the first 1% club inductee, shining in her defence for backing up her teammates.

Game two April Zimmermann was awarded the 1% club. Her outstanding efforts in playing her role, her defence and taking up the extra steps so the rest of the team could recover.

Game three the 1% club added Patrick McGavin, his extra efforts in his work rate, defensive or rucking, teamwork and when the team needed someone to execute cleanly he was there and provided this for the team. His effort levels and execution helped the team out of bad situations and helped the team to lift.

Game four was awarded to Adrian Rolls, he drove forwards everytime, made excellent defensive touches and didn't let the errors from the wet start to the day impact his consistency.

Game five the 1% club added Djarwan Williams, his consistent defensive efforts, positive talk and work rate stayed through until the end. 

Game six Joel Nolan was added, he stepped up during this game and led with his voice and guidance. During the game it seemed he was everywhere on the field.

In the semi-final there were two 1% recipients, Emily Moskwa and Caitlin McMahon who played their roles in the game exceptionally well.

We would like to thank Michael Sheeky for all his hard work behind the scenes and setting up the 1% club.


At the end of each tournament we like to recognise those who excelled over the campaign. Congratulations to the following award recipients:

Most Valuable Player: Joel Nolan

Players Player: Patrick McGavin

Coaches Award: Caitlin McMahon


Congratulations to both South Australian referees, Jon Hall and Amanda Sheeky, for their efforts during the campaign.

Amanda Sheeky was awarded leading open female referee for the tournament.

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