Anzac Challenge

Touch Football WA (TFWA) is pleased to announce the teams for this Saturday’s postponed ANZAC Challenge Touch Football Series.

In it’s second year the 2022 ANZAC Challenge is a joint initiative between NRL WA and TFWA featuring a full day of Rugby League and Touch Football action.

TFWA congratulates the following individuals on their selection.

Perth City Women

  • Emily Wallace (Rosalie Razorbacks)
  • Rachel Lowndes (Fremantle Rebels)
  • Amanda Thomas (Norther Districts)
  • Holly Giles (Southern Districts)
  • Iowa Lodge (Rosalie Razorbacks)
  • Lara Sivwright (Fremantle Rebels)
  • Zoe Giles (Southern Districts)
  • Mollie Wallace (Fremantle Rebels)
  • Natasha Crofts (Southern Districts)
  • Olivia Tocha (Northern Districts)
  • Chelsea Trent (Southern Districts)
  • Shanaaz Te Ahuru (Southern Districts)
  • Shelly Traynor (Southern Districts)
  • Zarah Suamili (Southern Districts)
  • Coach: Jeremy Wallace
  • Manager: Zoe Dacey-Aiken

Perth City Men

  • Dion Carrello (Vice Captain) (Northern Districts)
  • Joel Carrello (Northern Districts)
  • Michael Cox (Northern Districts)
  • Tom Crofts (Southern Districts)
  • Will Crofts (Southern Districts)
  • Gus Cullen (Fremantle Rebels)
  • Paul Kelly (Northern Districts)
  • Jacob McNamara (Northern Districts)
  • Grant O'Connell (Northern Districts)
  • Caleb Roberts (Northern Districts)
  • Doug Stuart (Northern Districts)
  • Tynan Smith (Captain) (Fremantle Rebels)
  • Nathan Smith (Fremantle Rebels)
  • Peter Westneat (Northern Districts)
  • Dylan Aiesi (Emergency) (Northern Districts)
  • Coach: Tim Butler
  • Manager: Joseph Carrello

Perth Kiwi Women

  • Amiria Clark-Manahi (Perth Brothers)
  • Anahera Te Rahui (Perth Brothers)
  • Baeleigh Robinson (Perth Brothers)
  • Chevy Brinkworth (Fremantle Rebels)
  • Gia-Dene Gardiner (Rosalie Razorbacks)
  • Jamie Windleborn (Rosalie Razorbacks)
  • Kailey Thompson (Perth Brothers)
  • Keira Macaskill (Perth Brothers)
  • Melissa Buchanan (Tompkins Park Sharks)
  • Melodie Toby (Perth Brothers)
  • Nicole Ledington (Fremantle Rebels)
  • Nina Rutene (Perth Brothers)
  • Rhythm Brinkworth (Northern Spirit)
  • Shanika Rowe (Perth Brothers)
  • Coach: Jaryd Papa
  • Manager: Teejaye Mau

Perth Kiwi Men

  • Arphirak Paul (Captain) (Fremantle Rebels)
  • Anthony Tini (Fremantle Rebels)
  • Oregon Penny (Northern Districts)
  • Dylan Loversidge (Perth Brothers)
  • Timoti Ruhe- Guthrie (Perth Brothers)
  • Tamati  Mako (Perth Brothers)
  • Juayne Pomare (Perth Brothers)
  • Mythiaz Heather (Perth Brothers)
  • Ruamai Erueti  (Tompkins Park)
  • Tristan Ali-King (Tompkins Park)
  • Mitchell Millar (Tompkins Park)
  • Gabriel Setu (Tompkins Park)
  • Darnell Tawhi (Tompkins Park)
  • Trevor Twose   (Tompkins Park)
  • Nathan Thomson (Emergency) (Southern Districts)
  • Coach: Te Reweti Clark-Manahi
  • Manager: Monique Williamson

The ANZAC Challenge is being held this Saturday 14 May at Dorrien Gardens, West Perth.

The women’s Touch Football match commences at 2.05pm (AWST) followed by the Men’s match at 3.00pm (AWST).

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