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City Touch Adelaide Winter Season will be starting across 3 nights upcoming in May. Held at Park 17 Tuthangga on the corner of Greenhill road and Beaumont road. The Association is calling for teams and individuals that are interested to either register their team(s) or get in contact with the Touch Football SA Staff to help them get involved this season.

Season Details

Winter season is roughly 16 weeks depending on weather. Matches can be postponed due to unsafe conditions throughout the season. Matches are not played on Monday the 13 June due to the public holiday.

Monday Nights

First round: 16th May Timeslots starting between 6:15pm - 8:45pm
Divisions: Men's and Women's Competitions.
(40 minute games with 5 minute half time) 
8th Edition Rules, standard competition

Wednesday Nights

First Round: 18th May Timeslots starting between 6:30pm - 8:45pm
Divisions: Social Mixed Competitions
(40 minute games with 5 minute half time) 
8th Edition Rules, standard competition

Thursday Nights

First Round: 19th May Timeslots starting between 6:15pm - 8:45pm
Divisions: Social Mixed Competitions
(40 minute games with 5 minute half time) 
8th Edition Rules, standard competition

Team Registrations

Team Registrations can be done by clicking here and then selecting the appropriate night/division

Individuals looking for a team

Want to be involved but don't have a team? Many players reach out to us and we can create teams or top up existing teams for the upcoming season. Be sure to ask your family and friends first, however if you don't have quite enough to enter your own team Email us and we will look to put you into a team for the season!

Email us by Clicking here

Junior Teams

Although City Touch winter season only has open aged competitions running. Due to the nature of Touch football, junior teams are encouraged to participate in the season. We will be accepting individuals aged between 12 - 15 to enter in a junior team on wednesday nights for the season with accredited coach and working with children accreditations. Reach out to us by clicking here!


Referees are provided to officiate all matches at City Touch. Referees are comprised of not only full time (non playing) but also playing referees where a referee may play their match in a different timeslot but also referee on the night.  If you are interested in becoming a referee please contact

Referees are required to register for the season and can do so by clicking here, Selecting Referee and then searching City Touch Association (TFSA)

All Referee allocations can be done through Kainen and any questions, concerns or changes in availability are done through email to

New Teams/Players information

City Touch Adelaide recommends new teams compete with roughly 10 players. For those who have yet to play touch football or have limited experience, the sport allows players to sub at any point in the game however ideally when your team has the ball. Having 10 players will leave 4 substitute players which will rotate during each match. If your team is short, we encourage you to ask friends or family to fill in, if you still are unable to get enough players, please contact Kainen and we will try and assist to get the match to occur with forfeiting being the last option. 

Each night there are multiple grades and teams can change up and down divisions depending on the skill level of the team. If you are unsure where your team would be best suited, contact Kainen by clicking here.

Coaching is offered to new teams to help assist with enjoying the sport. This can be arranged by contacting the Touch Football SA office, or during the season. Coaching sessions are held on the same night of competition and each new team can ask for a free session during the season if they choose to. These sessions are targeted at addressing any rules, tactics and training to assist in competing for beginning teams.


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