Our 2021 City Touch Winter Season has come to an end, we appreciate everyone who has been involved with the competitions this year and helped make them such a success. This season came with its challenges and we are thankful to everyone for being understanding during a continually changing sporting landscape.   


Season Results: 

Monday Night  

Grand Final Scores 

Women’s Premier Grade- Demons Inferno- 9 defeated Wolves21 - 4 

Men’s Premier Grade: Vulcans 7- defeated by AUTC Redbacks 11) 

Men’s B Grade: Pigs of Death -6 defeated Gregan's Grogans- 4 

Men’s D Grade: SAAS-8 defeated Yobs- 7  


Best Players 

Men’s Premier Grade: Andrew Van Gilst (Dodgers Men's) 

Women’s Premier Grade: Kelly Rowe (Demons Inferno) 

Men’s B Grade: Alastair Howie (Pigs of Death) 

Men’s D Grade: Bonnie-Luis Muir (Yobs) 



Wednesday Night 

Grand Final Scores 

Premier Grade: Madd Dogs- 7 defeated Another Grandie- 5  

C Grade: Anythingoes- 13 defeated Spank and Clovers-5  

Best Players  

Premier Grade:  

Female: Megan Elliot (Madd Dogs) 

Male: James Van Gilst (Another Grandie) 


C Grade:  

Female: Michelle Wilson (Yippie-Try Yay Mother-Rucker) 

Male: Paul Sutcliffe (Anythingoes) 



Thursday Night 

Grand Final Scores 

Premier Grade 1: AUTC Dingoes- 5 defeated Dodgers Mixed- 4  

Premier Grade 2:  Skillmatic- 7 defeated Rum Runnars- 1 

B Grade: Tiki Touch- 7 defeated AUTC Wombats- 5  

C Grade: Team Pelican- 8 defeated Touche- 7  

D Grade: Hall of Shamers- 5 defeated Charlatans- 1 


Best Players 

Premier Grade: 

Female:  Lesley Raggat (My People) 

Male: James Van Gilst (My People) 

B Grade:  

Female: Rebecca Hogan (AUTC Goannas)  

Male:  Alastair Howie (Tiki Touch) 

C Grade: 

Female: Jennie Macklin (Red Hot Chilli) 

Male: Jack Wright (AUTC Quokkas) 

D Grade:  

Female Darren Espisito (Charlatans) 

Male: Charlotte Brown (Charlatans) 

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