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In a recent announcement by the Victorian Government and after meeting with the Sport and Recreation Victoria, we can pass on details for the Return to Sport for the period 7th October 2021 through to the 21st October 2021 outlined in the COVID-19 Vaccinated Activities Directions (No 3) only (see attached). 

It is important to note that there are no further details for the Return to Sport post the 21st October 2021 date at this stage relating to protocols, requirements or guidelines and how we are to record information if needed to ensure that all participants are provided a safe and friendly environment.  

As a sport we have always been reactive and followed government guidelines and Public Health Orders (PSO’s) once advised and will continue to consult the relevant authorities to provide the latest information to the Touch Football community.  

At this particular point in time, we can advise that under the current directions, any person classified as a Physical Recreation Worker will be required to adhere to the Mandatory Vaccination (workers) Direction during this restricted time frame. This includes satisfactorily recording the vaccination records by operators (clubs/affiliates) for workers (coaches)  as outlined in Section 5 Clause 3(b) of the VAD’s as fully vaccinated or an excepted person. It is also required for affiliates to have updated COVID plans and QR coding facilities with clear messaging on requirements. 

TFV kindly asks affiliates to consider the impacts to competition commencement dates in the event these directions are upheld beyond October 21, 2021. Touch Football Australia and TFV are currently collaborating to ensure any potential data collection process aligns to state legislation. If required, this will be distributed to affiliates without delay and the entire team will be on standby to assist. 

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