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From Wednesday the 29th September to Saturday the 2nd of October will see 67 teams from across Queensland, Tasmania and the Northern Territory compete at the DoorDash National Youth Championships on the Sunshine Coast. With all games on Field 1 broadcast to Touch Football Australia's streaming partner Kayo Sports.

Tune into the broadcast via Kayo Sports.

For full fixtures for the DoorDash National Youth Championships click here.

Both Match of the Days for the first day of play pits the Central Queensland Bulls against the South West Queensland Swans in the 16 Boys and Girls Divisons. Preview both games below. 

2:40PM - 16 Boys - Central Queensland Bulls vs South West Queensland Swans

Central Queensland Bulls

Last years 16 boys Central Queensland Bulls team came 2nd in the division narrowly losing to the South Queensland Sharks in a nail biting Final which saw Sharks win in overtime. 

Squad: Cameron Wood, Carter Vincent, Charlie Harris, Clancy Hohn, Cody Lawrie, Connor Guley, Curtis Seierup, Liam Barnes, Riley James, Riley Smith, Sam Penrose, Slade McMeeken, Tase Black, Tommy Green

Coaching Staff: Jayden Benbow (Head Coach), Dennis Black (Asst. Coach), John Seymour (Manager)

2020 Finish: 2nd


South West Queensland Swans:

A top three finish in last years 16 boys division will see the Swans looking to go better this year and by beating last years 2nd place team will set their 2021 campaign off to a good start. 

Squad: Bailey Deakin, Blaise Prendergast, Brock Taylor, Brock Sankey, Jake Durie, Karnye Thompson, Kyan Oats, Macauley Nolan, Matthew Moore, Noah Rogers, Ronan Delaney, Sam Sheppard, Tom Fry, Tyler Madden. 

Coaching Staff: Jake Notley (Coach), Tammy Banks (Asst. Coach), Harrison Pengilly (Asst. Coach). 

2020 Finish: 3rd

National Youth Squad Players: Blaise Prendergast, Matthew Moore.


4:20pm - 16 Girls - Central Queensland Bulls v South West Queensland Swans

Central Queensland Bulls

Squad: Dom Saunders, Ella Peacock, Kahlia Bob, Lainee Ingram, Lilla Pratt, Matilda Gelhe, Olivia Jenkins, Sammy Hancock, Shauna Barnham, Soph Smith, Sophia Neep, T J Shuker, Taylor Driver, Zoe Geiger

Coaching Staff: Gavin Shuker (Coach), Brooke English, Dale Harris (Asst. Coaches), Debra Seyour (Manager)

2020 Finish: 2nd


South West Queensland Swans

Squad: Abbey Wardkle, Bailey Kowitz, Bridget Doherty, Charlotte Weinand, Ella Scott, Emerson Hamblin, Harmony Nuku, Jess Fitzgibbons, Jessica Barnes, Jorjee Laverty, Taleah Ackland, Teelah Lole, Tess Notley, Zoe Waters

Coaching Staff: Jordan Dart (Coach), Fana Lole (Asst. Coach), Shenae Ciesiolka (Asst. Coach)

2020 Finish: 4th

National Youth Squad Players: Zoe Waters

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