Palmerston Touch Grand Finals & Awards Website

Wednesday night 1st September was the Palmerston Touch Grand Final Night, it was a great night for all. A big congratulations to all the teams for the season & very special thank you to our Referee's without them we don't have this great game.

This season saw a total of 32 teams (4 Men's, 4 Women's & 24 Mixed)

Here's all the results & awards from the Grand final


Men's Open 

Inferno Magpies Blue 3 defeated by Inferno Magpies Black 6

Player Of Final 

Thomas Edgword (Inferno Magpies Black)

Best & Fairest 

Darcy Lawrence (Inferno Magpies Black)

Women's Open

Cougars 4 defeated by Sharkies 5

Player of Final

Asha Fisher (Sharkies)

Best & Fairest

Nicole Hyland (Cougars) 

no photo available 

Mixed Division 1 

Inferno Magpies Purple 2 defeated by Sharkies 3

Player of Final and Best & Fairest

Brodie Morcom (Inferno Magpies Purple)

Mixed Division 2

Kings N Queens 5 defeated by TERF 7

Player of Final

Steven Lampton (TERF) - collected by Victor Campbell 

Best & Fairest 

Jed Newman (Midgies Red)

no photo available

Mixed Division 3 

Mixed up Murri's 4 defeated by Dodgers 9

Player of Final 

Bailey Zaro (Dodgers)

Best & Fairest 

Dave Taylor (Uni Pirates) - collected by Sharon Jennings

Mixed Division 4

Hornets 5 defeated by Inferno Magpies Pink 7

Player of Final and Best & Fairest 

Jack Muirhead (Inferno Magpies Pink)

Mixed Division 5

Show N Go defeated by Misfits 7

Player of Final

James Steele (Show N Go) (no Photo)

Best & Fairest 

Jake Shaw (Misfits) (no Photo)


Thank you everyone for joining us this season & hope to see you all again next year. 

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