Touch Football South Australia (TFSA) are seeking to appoint Head Coach positions and Team Manager for the teams competing in the following events;


2021 National Youth Championship (NYC)

Wednesday 29 September - Saturday 2 October 2021

Sunshine Coast, QLD


2022 National Youth Championships (NYC)

Dates: TBC
Sunshine Coast, QLD


Information on the available positions can be found below. Please complete the online Expression of Interest should you be interested in the available positions.

Head Coaches can apply at:

Expressions of Interest close at 5pm Tuesday 20th April.

Team Managers will be appointed at a later date.


Position Title: The following positions are open to Expressions of Interest:


  • U18 Boys Head Coach
  • U18 Girls Head Coach
  • U16 Boys Head Coach 
  • U16 Girls Head Coach 
  • U14 Boys Head Coach 
  • U14 Girls Head Coach 
  • U12 Boys Head Coach 
  • U12 Girls Head Coach


Reports to: TFSA Staff in conjunction with Volunteer Tour Coordinator



Purpose: The primary purpose of the Head Coach is to be responsible for all aspects of team performance and behaviour within the team to which the appointment is made. 



Position Description Overview: To lead, educate and mentor the coaching staff and team to which the appointment is made. The Head Coach must be an ambassador for TFSA and role model within the team through demonstrating highly effective communication, interpersonal and organisational skills. The Head Coach must work collaboratively with other appointed coaching and management staff to ensure a high-quality representative program is facilitated for both themselves and the players they are leading.



Duties and Responsibilities: The Head Coach will have the following Duties and Responsibilities for the team to which the position is appointed;


  • Coach, lead and coordinate the team in accordance with the requirements of TFSA.
  • Work collaboratively with other coaches and managers to create a productive and supportive environment.
  • Create and implement team plans, training and development processes to facilitate a high performing environment for players and other coaching and management staff.
  • Conduct and coordinate talent identification requirements.
  • Support the monitoring and selection of athletes, providing valid and timely feedback.
  • Deliver on and off field outcomes.
  • Liaise with the TFSA staff, Assistant Coach, and Team Manager to implement TFA policies and values.
  • Monitor and review player performance and behaviour.
  • Provide input, where appropriate, on appointment of the Assistant Coach and Team Manager.
  • Provide input and feedback, where appropriate, on tour administration, and suitability of appointed positions and athletes for future appointments.
  • Maintain currency and/or increase coaching status through presenting on Coaching Courses, and/or participation in TFSA programs and clinics.
  • Be prepared to coordinate and participate in team fundraising activities.



Essential Attributes: The Head Coach will possess the following Essential Attributes:


  • Prepared to comply with the Conditions of Appointment (below).
  • Hold a minimum Talent coach accreditation (current).
  • Ability to work with and within the TFA code of behaviour.
  • Possess and display an attitude expected of a TFA/TFSA official.
  • Have the ability and desire to promote and contribute to the development of Touch Football in SA by maintaining a State perspective, not regional, club or individual perspective.
  • Be able to demonstrate the ability to work under pressure whilst still achieving objectives.
  • Hold and maintain all required Working with Children Checks in compliance with SA legislation.
  • Hold a full drivers licence.
  • Knowledge of TFA policy and procedures applicable to representative programs including Match Fixing and Anti-Doping.


Desirable Attributes: The Head Coach may possess the following Desirable Attributes:


  • Elite coach accreditation (or working towards this).
  • Senior First Aid certificate (or equivalent).
  • Sports Trainer accreditation.
  • Completed courses to recognise competence of understanding in matters relating to Match Fixing and Anti-Doping.

The following attributes are also required from all TFA/TFSA volunteer appointments;


  • Actively work as leaders within the broader organisation, with an ability to promote positive/collaborative working relationships and represent the organisation in a professional manner.
  • Actively promote a positive culture among the appointed group, reflective of the organisation’s expectations for all participants within the sport, and above all else in line with TFA Code of Conduct and other policies.
  • Display an ability to work independently as well as within a team environment.
  • Actively communicate and prepare for specific requirements of the role.
  • Complete agreed assigned tasks to the expected standard of the organisation.
  • Maintain absolute confidence with any confidential or Intellectual Property related information of the organisation.
  • Hold and/or obtain required accreditations to undertake the role.
  • Support TFA in the coordination and development of other volunteers.
  • Aiding in conflict resolution as required.


Conditions of Appointment: The following Conditions of Appointment must be met:


  • Perform the requirements of the position as per the Duties and Responsibilities above.
  • Demonstrate the Essential Attributes as above.
  • Be prepared to accept the Tenure of Appointment (below), attend the relevant event/s in the capacity of the appointed position and comply with travel requirements set by TFSA staff.


Tenure of Appointment: The Head Coach position shall be appointed to perform the Duties and Responsibilities outlined above for the team/s they are appointed to for the;


2021 National Youth Championships

2022 National Youth Championships


Appointment Process: All positions will be appointed via a merit-based process. Suitability for positions will be assessed through information provided in an Expression of Interest and interview process, both of which will provide applicants the opportunity to demonstrate alignment to the values of TFSA, the ability to perform the Duties and Responsibilities of the position and the Essential Attributes of the position.



For further information on this position please contact TFSA Community Sport Coordinator, David Harris on david.harris@touchfootball.com.au or 0400 545 818.


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