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Wrap Up Summer Season 2020/21

Our 2020/21 Summer Season has come to an end, thank you to all the players, referees and supporters that have helped make the season what it was. We appreciate your commitment and understanding during a changing sporting environment this season and we look forward to seeing you in the coming seasons.

A special recognition to Jon Hall and Amanda Sheeky for their respective roles in the Inferno NTL this year.

Season Results:

Tuesday Night

Grand Final Scores

Premer Grade:  Crazy Demon Camels-10 defeated Dodgers Men-6

C Grade: Pigs of Death-10 defeated Honey Badgers-7

D Grade: Demons Young Guns-8 defeated Touch n Go- 7

E Grade: Lies Tries and Mince Pies- 14 defeated Gutsliders- 6


Best Players

Premier Grade: James Van Gilst (Dodgers Men)

C Grade: Alastair Howie (Pigs of Death)

D Grade: Will Haegi (Steak!)

E Grade: Bonnie-Lousie Muir (Yobs)


Wednesday Night

Grand Final Scores

Premier Grade: Field 3- 16 defeated Madd Dogs- 5

B Grade:  Multiple Scoregasms- 6 defeated Touchy Feelys 4

C Grade: Anythingoes- 9 defeated Spank- 6

Best Players

Premier Grade:

Female: Megan Elliot (Madd Dogs)

Male: Andy Van Gilst and James Van Gilst (Field 3)


B Grade:

Female: Kate Donnelly (Multiple Scoregasms)

Male: Edward Bampton (Touchy Feely)


C Grade:

Female: Kristen Blankers (Anythingoes)

Male: Gordon Chong (Spank)


Thursday Night

Grand Final Scores

Premier Grade: My People- 11 defeated Dodgers- 8

C1 Grade: Blue Steel- 5 defeated Seymour Old Cols Touch Football- 3

C2 Grade: Hall of Shamers -9 defeated The Backhanders- 4


Best Players

Premier Grade:

Female: Claire Harton (Arab Steed All Stars)       

Male: Adam Bethell (Dodgers)

C Grade:

Female: Bonnie-Lousie Muir (Touch me a Latte) 

Male: Damian Chalmers (Backhanders) and Justin Purdie (Team Pelicans)

D Grade:

Female: Indira   (Mad Max and the Marauders) 

Male: Matthew Smalls (Mad Max and the Marauders)


A reminder that our Winter Season begins on the 17th, 19th and 20th of May, registrations are available through City Touch (SA) - Touch Football Australia.

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