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Australian Women's Open player Sarah Peattie, 28, fills us in on the year she's had, tells us what she'll be doing for Christmas, and shares her hopes for 2021...

  1. Can you describe your 2020 in one sentence? 2020 was a real rollercoaster - very challenging, but it allowed me to spend time doing other things and helped me understand how lucky I am! 
  2. How much did you miss Touch during lockdown? I was really sad initially as I missed out on playing in my first Trans-Tasman in six years, though then I quite enjoyed the little break. But once I got back to training and around the girls I realised how much I'd missed it, and I've had so much fun over the past few months. 
  3. What or who kept you going and sane during this strange year? I work in Human Resources at the NSW Treasury and I was very lucky to have a job that remained unchanged (or actually got more busy!) so I think that was a big help, although I was spending more time at home [in Freshwater, NSW]. But my housemates, friends and family helped me feel connected and sane throughout the year. 
  4. Can you tell me about the best parts of 2020? Winning State Cup was definitely a huge win for 2020, as well as our Vawdon Cup win with a new team and coaches. Some other highlights were spending time with family, starting a new job and getting to spend a lot of time cooking!
  5. Are you having time off for Christmas and how will you be spending it? Yes, I get to have a couple of weeks off and will be spending time at the beach and hopefully getting away on a couple of short road trips. 
  6. What does Christmas Day look like for you? Christmas starts for our family on Christmas Eve, when we have a big dinner with my Mum's side of the family. Then Christmas Day is spent going for a swim, breakfast or lunch with my Dad's side of the family and catching up with my partner's family. Luckily everyone is on the Northern Beaches so we don't have too far to travel. My favourite parts of the day are seeing my nieces and nephews, eating and opening presents. 
  7. You like cooking – what will you be making this Christmas? The last few years I've been on the very important ham duty and I'm very proud of my recipe! I use Coca Cola and maple syrup among other things. I'm sure I'll be doing the same this year plus any other bits and pieces I need to help with. 
  8. How to you stay on track with your fitness during the Christmas period? Luckily my gym is open for most of the holiday period so I'll be keeping up my sessions there. But my mum and sister will also keep me active with some walks, paddleboarding and swimming I'm sure! 
  9. What will your new year’s resolution be? Spend less time on screens and more time reading - something I've been pretty lousy at this year!
  10. What are you looking forward to in 2020? I'm looking forward to playing some more Touch (hopefully we get our Trans-Tasman and State of Origin in!) and to hopefully getting to do some travelling. And I'm especially looking forward to welcoming my new little niece or nephew!


What do you hope Santa brings? Some cookbooks, gift vouchers and wine! 
Favourite holiday downtime activities? Going to the beach, watching cricket, BBQs with family/friends, reading and some cooking. 
Favourite show at the moment? Gangs of London on Stan. 
Favourite tune at the moment? Head & Heart - Joel Corry.
If there were no travel restrictions, where would you book your next holiday? I would be going to Italy in May for my best friend's wedding!

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