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Australian Mixed Open player Jackson Mills, 23, fills us in on the year he's had, tells us what he'll be doing for Christmas, and shares his hopes for 2021...

  1. What was 2020 like for you? Due to the nature of my work as a Cyber Security Analyst, I was kept busy. I was so grateful to have kept my full-time job as so many others weren't so lucky. The fact I could wake up and know I had somewhere to go (when not in lockdown) was something I didn't take for granted, and it kept me going.
  2. You and your girlfriend were separated by border restrictions for part of the year, right? Unfortunately I didn't get to see her for over four months. Luckily technology like FaceTime has its advantages.
  3. How much did you miss Touch during lockdown? Sport, particularly Touch Football, is a great way to keep the mind clear and to establish yourself in a community of great people and I missed those things greatly. Playing Touch with mates again has really uplifted my morale and gets me out of the house.
  4. I know you had some wins during the year, including joining the Fox commentary team at NRL games... Yes, it was great to experience what happens behind the cameras in contrast to watching the superstars. This involvement has given me a great opportunity to pursue this as a potential career path.
  5. Are you taking leave over the Christmas period? I'm not taking any time off over Christmas as cyber security never sleeps. There is always someone out there trying to directly or indirectly threaten your company.
  6. What will you be doing on Christmas Day? A family day [in Sydney] with lots of laughs and short bouncers being bowled in backyard cricket. If you play at our house, helmets are required.
  7. How to you stay on track with your fitness during Christmas? I'll attempt to go for a run two to three times a week around Christmas as the food intake starts to exponentially increase.
  8. What are you looking forward to in 2021? I'm looking forward to potential career progression and hoping to be able to travel around the country for work, as well as overseas if COVID permits it.


What do you hope Santa brings you?
 An electric skateboard.
Favourite Christmas dish? A classic BBQ.
Favourite holiday downtime activity? Cruising on the jet ski.
Favourite show at the moment? The Queen's Gambit on Netflix. (I love chess.)
Favourite tune at the moment? Deeper than the Ocean – Bonnie Grace.
If there were no travel restrictions, where would you book your next holiday? Canada during their winter.

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