Day 3 was another hot one, and although each Kiwi team started strong, the Aussies coped better in the high temps to bring home every division.

After a Touch Blacks win on Day 1 and an Emus win Day 2, the 18s Mixed decider could have gone either way, with scores fairly level throughout both halves. In the end, the Emus got two up on the Touch Blacks, with an 8-6 result.

In the 18s Girls, the score was 3 apiece leading into half-time before Australia scored on the buzzer to start the second half in the lead. Heat and fatigue took hold of the Kiwis and Australia rode the momentum to finish with an 11-3 win, making it 3 games out of 3. Coach Renee Murphy said it was the best the team had ever played.

The Aussie 18s Boys dominated the first 2 games, though the first half of the third and final game proved more of a grind, with Australia 2-1 over New Zealand at the break. The Emus returned stronger in the second half, winning 8-3.

For the 20s Mixed, today was yet another slog. The Aussies led 3-1 at half-time, but managed to end the series with a 7-4 win and three games in the bag for the series.

Today’s 20s Girls game was in stark contrast to yesterday’s half-time nil-all. The Emus dominated from tap-off all the way through to an 11-4 win to take 3 from 3.

A tense 20s Boys game came down to the wire. The crowd expected a drop-off that Australia just managed to hold off to win the game and the series.

RESULTS 18s Mixed: Aus 8 def. NZ 6 18s Girls: Aus 11 def. NZ 3 18s Boys: Aus 8 def. NZ 3 20s Mixed: Aus 7 def. NZ 4 20s Girls: Aus 11 def. NZ 4 20s Boys: Aus 5 def. NZ 4

SERIES 18s Mixed: Aus 2 – NZ 1 18s Girls: Aus 3 – NZ 0 18s Boys: Aus 3 – NZ 0 20s Mixed: Aus 3 – NZ 0 20s Girls: Aus 3 – NZ 0 20s Boys: Aus 2 – NZ 1

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