It was a thrilling end to National Touch League 2019, with a drop-off in the Men's Open grand final between the Hunter Western Hornets and Central Queensland Bulls. The Hornets started strong but couldn't get more than a couple up on the Bulls throughout the whole game. The Bulls were on six tries against seven with seconds to go before scoring and sending the game into a tense drop-off that ended with the Hornets taking the chocolates.

The Women's and Mixed Open finals weren't as tight. The Sharks dominated both games. In the Women's, the Sharks beat the Sydney Scorpions 7-2. Post-match, Sharks captain Sammy-Jo Curtis said it was the team's perfect combination of youth and experience that got them through. “We’ve got a really young side, they can just run all day. The girls are so fit," she said.

"They’re young but they’ve got experience – they’ve got Elite 8s under their belt, they’ve got Premiership, they’re Aussie youth players, we’ve got a lot of experience on our side.”

In the Mixed Open, the Sharks won 10-6 against the Sydney Mets, but the win didn't come easily. "It was a grind," said co-captain Michelle Evans. "[The Mets] put on a tough performance, nothing but respect for them.”

Her co-captain Steven Loutitt, agreed: “It was super tough, end-to-end, so great stuff from our guys to hold in there. Really proud of them.”

Here's a list of Grand Final results for all divisions. (Stay tuned for Players of the Finals.)

Men's Open: Hornets 8 def. Bulls 7 Women's Open: Sharks 7 def. Scorpions 2 Mixed Open: Sharks 10 def. Mets 6 Men's 30s: Scorpions 8 def. Sharks 6 Women's 30s: Cobras 8 def. Rebels 1 Senior Mixed: Scorpions 6 def. Raiders 2 Men's 40s: Sharks 6 def. Scorpions 4 Women's 40s: Scorpions 3 def. Sharks 2 Men's 45s: Scorpions 6 def. Sharks 3 Women's 45s: Broncos 3 def. Scorpions 0 Men's 50s: Scorpions 5 def. Cyclones 4 Men's 55s: Scorpions 5 v Pineapples 4 Men's 60s: Cyclones 3 def. Cobras 2

Congratulations to the Sydney Scorpions for taking home the Golden Boot!

For more info on NTL 2019, go to the National Touch League website.

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