In the Men’s Open, it’ll be a tough battle between the Sharks MOA vs the Bulls MOA, and the Hornets and Rebels, in the semis.

In the Women’s Open, the semi-finals will be fought out between the Sharks WOA (still undefeated) and Rebels, and the Scorps and Bulls.

The Mixed Open has been dominated by the Scorps, who are still undefeated – as they are in the Men’s 40s and Women’s 40s also. The Rebels are leading in the other Mixed Open pool.

In the Senior Mixed, the Cobras sit at the top, though the champions title is still anyone’s, with three of the four semi-final contender teams having managed four wins in eight games.

In the Men’s 45s, the Sharks are top of the ladder, as they head into the semis with the Scorpions, Hornets and Cobras.

In the Women’s 45s, the Cobras are showing their bite, sitting well above the Scorps, Hornets and Eagles on points.

In the Men’s 55s, unsurprisingly the favourites, the Sydney Scorpions, are leading the pack leading into Saturday morning’s semi-finals. The Scorps are topping more ladders than any other entity.

In the Men’s 50s and Men’s 60s, the Cyclones are crushing it at the close of Day 3. Hopefully they’re the only type of cyclone to make an impact on finals day, as we all hope the good weather will hang around.

When it comes to Alliance entities, the Raiders are coming out on top, particularly in the Mixed divisions, where they’re still a chance for wins – sitting third in one of the Mixed Open pools and fourth in Senior Mixed.

For all results throughout the day head to the National Touch League Website. Click here to view now.

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