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MySideline Manager


MySideline Manager is a web-based application (not an app) which has been created to be compatible with mobile devices that are connected to the internet. It is also able to be used on desktop devices. 

Link to access: https://manager.mysideline.com.au/login

Managers who have been granted access to their teams by their Association Administrator will be able to see the details of their registered players, including contact and medical information.

Associations - how to provide access: Access can be given to Team Managers by adding their email in the User Management section and granting access to their team. The Team Manager's email being added must have an NRL Account already (which they would have had to be able to register the team). 

Automatic Access: All teams registered after 2nd September 2021 will receive automatic access to MySideline Manager to see their members. This only occurs for teams registered online. 

Manager also has a training attendance tracker feature with COVID questions built in, which is reportable by the Association Admin. 

In its current form it does not have the ability to manage teams from Association level, so Association admins will need to give themselves access to each team to manage them if necessary.

COMING SOON! In future upgrades, Touch Football Team Managers will have the ability to submit team lists for players with shirt numbers from week to week and the ability to score for matches in real time at the park.


Step 1: If you are a Team Manager, ask your association administrator to add you as an admin to your team.

Step 2: Once you have been granted access, visit manager.mysideline.com.au to access each feature.


View your registered team members by navigating to the My Members section on the top left menu of your Manager screen.

Scroll downwards to find My Members section and click to view your registered members list.

Select your member to view their details, including primary phone number, email and medical information.

MySideline Manager


To assist associations and managers with maintaining a COVID-safe environment, a training attendance tracker has been included in MySideline Manager, making it easy to record who has attended training and to complete any required checks, which can be easily reported on in MySideline Admin.

Step 1: Select 'Training Attendance' from the menu.

Step 2: Click the 'Add List' button.

Step 3: Complete each question such as the training date, venue and the relevant COVID-19 based questions.

MySideline Manager

Step 4: Select each registered player and official from the list available. Administrators will have access to select all registered participants within their association, and Team Managers will only have access to players registered to their Team Squad. 
(Note: If you are unable to locate a participant from the list available, there is an option to manually add a participant by selecting the 'New Member' button. This doesn't register the participant, it just allows you to mark their attendance.) 

Step 5: Select 'Submit' to save the attendance list. If a mistake is made, the attendance list can be deleted.

For assistance in using new features, submit a support ticket via the support bot in the bottom right-hand corner of your admin screen or via here

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