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Discount Codes

MySideline has released Discount Codes for your Association!

 Association Discount codes

The much-anticipated discount codes feature is now available for your Touch Association!

The discount code feature allows the Association administrator to email a participant a discount voucher to register to your Association.

Note: This will only be applicable to association fees and player and coach types at this stage.

To send the voucher, navigate to your products page, then the discount code tab.

Enter the dollar amount you want to reduce the participant fees by and the email of the participant, then add.

Discount codes can only be used once within 7 days of issue and only for fees within the Association it was issued.

Discount Code 1

Can I use it with my NSW Active Kids voucher?

Yes, discount codes can be utilised in conjunction with Active Kids vouchers, but only to the total amount of the fees charged.

Can I use it on my saleable items?

Yes, if saleable items are added to the registration fees, the discount amount will be subtracted from the total amount.

What happens if I forward it to someone else?

Discount codes can be used by anyone who holds the code, but they can only be redeemed once and only within 7 days of issue.

Can I use it on my team registration?

No, discount codes can only be used by participants registering into teams, not teams into competitions.

Can I use it for multiple registrations – e.g. 2 kids registering at the same time?

No, the discount code can only be redeemed against one participant at any one time.

Can I remove a discount code?

Yes, if you remove the discount code from your products section, it will no longer be valid for use.

What does it look like on a report?

The total amount in the credit card column of the Registration Payment Report will only show the credit card amount (minus the voucher amount). If the voucher is for the full amount, then it will show $0. The next phase is looking to display the vouchers that have been redeemed in the report.

Can I use it at club level?

No. Touch clubs are unable to issue or redeem discount codes. Only Touch Football Associations are able to issue discount codes for participants registering to their competitions currently.

Can an association discount a club applied fee? 

No, the discount code will only discount the amount charged at association level.

Where does the participant enter the discount code?

The participant will have the option to add the Association voucher within the payment section in the online registration form.

Discount Code 2

For assistance in using new features, submit a support ticket via the support bot in the bottom right-hand corner of the MySideline administration system or by contacting support here.


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