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MySideline Competition Setup & Match Entry

// Create a Competition

Competition Name – Label your competition, this will/can be used to search for in the finder. Year can be helpful e.g. 21/22 Summer Mixed

Association – Select your association

Competition Type – Select Touch Football Competition

Season – System determined

Age Level – Manages registrations, “All ages” = everyone can register, U15 will allow 15 and 14 year old’s to register. The age and the year below only no more ages will be allowed to register as players.

Regular Season Rounds – Assists with the draw builder, how many rounds will be played

Final Season Rounds – Assists with the draw builder, how many rounds will the finals be played over.

Periods – 2 for halves

Period Length – how long is each half e.g. 20 minutes

Gender – Manages registration if Male or Female is selected only males or females can register to that competition

Allow Scoring – generally yes, however no can be used for younger divisions where scoring isn’t done

No of Matches for finals eligibility – assists with reporting on those that can play finals

Pool Competition? – is this competition split into pools, e.g. Pool A and Pool B that then cross over for finals

Max Number of Teams – when this number is reached there will be no team registrations allowed.

Active – Yes for new competitions, once completed, “no” so that teams and competitions can be removed from the finder, the website and filtered out of the display in the admin.

Draw Builder:

Default Start Date – Round 1 date.

Default start time – Time this competition will be predominately played

Days between rounds – games every 7 days, play every Monday this is every 7 days.  

Venue – main park that games are played at

Number of fields – currently not utilised so any number can be entered here

Allocate Teams

As all teams register to the competition they will be automatically allocated to the “allocated” section.

If a team is no longer playing they can be removed from the competition here.

If an inactive team is still in the competition, change the status to display the inactive competition and remove the team to not disrupt the draw creation.

DO NOT reuse teams, every new competition, new teams are required.

ONLY use this as a regrade method if the ladder is starting new.


Select a template and edit to your local competition rules.

Display Options

Control the display to the website.

Public – Yes will show the competition under the association on touchfootball.com.au/competitions

Result – Will display the fixture (this can be set to no while the fixture is still being worked on

Ladder – Will display the ladder publically, updates every 10 minutes, in the admin updates every hour but can be updated manually.

Team Lists – Will show members that are assigned to the match and allow the tally of try scorers to be displayed

Player Points

Not used for Touch Football – Ignore this field.

Q: A team has dropped out of one of my competitions. How do I re do their draw?

First, download the Matches report for the competition so that you have a record of the current scores. Then remove the team using “Team Allocation” in the competition settings. Finally, navigate to Matches, select the competition and select the green “Redo Draw” button. Follow the prompts to publish the new draw. Navigate to Ladders and Update to refresh the ladder for the edited competition.

// Enter Match Scores


In each ‘match’ players can be assigned to the game.

Try scorers will allocate a point and a try to the member.

Scores can be entered or overridden on the main screen to enter the score.

Remember: Mark game as final.

If tries are entered under “stats” on the website will tally the tries

Don’t forget to save.

Match Scores:

Quick entry of scores.

Leave the competition blank to see all competitions in the date range selected.

Bulk edit to enter the scores and ensure all games (including byes) are marked as Final.

If games are missing check that the game isn’t marked as TBA

Principal Partner

Major Partners

Official Partners

Government Partners