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FAQs for Affiliates and Administrators

Read below for further information regarding the organisation of competitions under the new National Membership Model. 

As an Affiliate, what do I need to do?   

The good news is nothing! Affiliates don’t need to do anything except continue managing your affiliate, ensuring registrations & compliance. The membership fee will automatically appear on or after 1 July 2023 for all members who register on or after this date.  

I have players registering for a competition that started before the 1 July why are they being charged.  

Membership is based on financial year (1 July – 30 June) not competitions or teams individuals participate in. 

Do I need to setup my fees to include the national &/or state fee?  

No you don’t, although we encourage affiliates to consider reducing competition fees given you are no longer collecting national and for those outside NSW and QLD state fee affiliation and insurance costs. 

How do we manage Government Vouchers  

Information on government vouchers can be found here.  

How do I remove old competitions.  

Firstly, make all competitions that are no longer running inactive by going into each competition and selecting “active = no”.  

Do the same for teams when prompted.  

When competitions are inactive, contact support with the names & Id’s of the competitions that are finished and we will expire these for you. The Competition names and IDs can be found in the “Competitions Report”.  

I take program & event registrations through the database, can I still do this?  

Yes, you can, if these registrations shouldn’t be charged the National Membership because they are a program or a charity event etc, then please contact your state office or support to get approval and if approved the system will be updated accordingly.  

You’ll need to submit the association you’re from, the Competition Name(s) & Competition ID(s) and the reason that you’re requesting exemption from the National Membership for these programs/events. 

Who do I contact for MySideline help?  

The resources page on the TFA website has loads of helpful information, which can be found here.  

If you are still looking for help, please contact support by submitting a ticket. Submit a ticket.  

Why are my payments that I’ve said aren’t compulsory, compulsory?  

When another item in the transaction is marked as compulsory then all items in the transaction are compulsory. If an affiliate wishes for players to by-pass the payment then you are able to issue a discount code for your association/club fees. See Vouchers for details on how to do this.  


National Membership

National Membership

From 1 July 2023, an annual national membership replaces the old affiliation model.

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