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Self Organised Training & Activities

Self Organised Training & Activities

Your Affiliate may want to organise a junior development day or your representative team’s training sessions. It is imperative these events or sessions are organised correctly to ensure your members are covered by insurance should the worst happen.

Some important measures when organising an event or activity:

Are the fields open?

If the local council has closed the fields you cannot continue with your event or activity even if the field looks okay to play. Should you continue and a member injure themselves they may not be covered by insurance and the coach or organising may be liable for any damages incurred.

Is the field/venue safe to play?

Though the local council may not have closed the fields it is important the coach or organiser ensure the fields are safe to play. A simple check of the field for pot holes, sticks, glass and other hazards can be all it takes to ensure the fields are safe to play.

What will insurance cover?

In general, all touch football activities are covered. This includes matches, training, functions, meetings and the like (anywhere in Australia). Insurance does not cover negligence by a coach or affiliate so if you are unsure when organising an event or activities contact your State Office for assistance.

Have the fields been booked?

Your local council will be able to let you know should you need to book a field of venue. This is important to consider as another group may have booked the field or venue and could turn up halfway through your event or activity.

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