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Field, Facility & Equipment

Preparing your Affiliate’s facility for competition night is a short task which needs to be completed prior to games commencing. When setting up your Affiliate’s venue for competition it is recommended you have the following tasks completed 30 minutes prior to games commencing:

  • All tents erected/ Club house opened
  • Banners set up and on fields (5m away from sidelines)
  • markers out on the fields
  • First aid kit stocked and available
  • Ice or icepacks available
  • Toilets open
  • Lights booked (if applicable)
  • Timer working (preferably not a phone)
  • Test Siren & PA system
  • Check fields for potholes, glass, sticks, stones and other hazards

Your Affiliate’s venue will invariably pose risks for your members. It is imperative you ensure the following:

  • The fields rental agreement has not expired.
  • The fields have not been closed by your local council.
  • The fields condition is safe to play. (Check for potholes, glass, sticks, stones and other hazards)
  • The ambulance entry points are identified and clear. (Make sure you also have the key to any gates)
  • Ensure all obstacles are a minimum of 5m away from sidelines.
  • Field Markers are soft and malleable and don’t pose a risk if a player land’s on a marker.


Safety & Risk Management

Safety & Risk Management

For further information regarding safety and risk management, please visit the Australian Institute of Sport Website.

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