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What is Incorporation?

Incorporation gives your Affiliate a legal structure.

You can determine if an organisation is incorporated by whether it has the word ‘incorporated’ after its name.

When a Touch Football Affiliate incorporates, it becomes its own legal entity. As a legal entity your Affiliate will continue to exist even if the committee members change over time.

Reasons Affiliates should be incorporated are:

  • Individual Committee members of your Affiliate are not personally liable for the actions of the sports club. Incorporation acts as a safe guard for the committee members.
  • Members and Committee members are protected against personal liability for the Affiliate’s debts.
  • Improved fundraising ability and increased eligibility for grants. Many local councils insist on your club being incorporated before allocating funds and allowing you to book grounds.
  • Enhanced ability to borrow money, open bank accounts and enter into leases.

Accesses to procedures and information on Incorporation in each State and Territory are listed below:

Incorporation in NSW

Incorporation in QLD

Incorporation in ACT

Incorporation in VIC

Incorporation in SA

Incorporation in TAS

Incorporation in NT

For assistance with Incorporation and your Affiliate you can contact your state office.

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