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What Should Your Committee Look Like?

Touch Associations are unique to their region and membership. Due to this many Touch Association committees differ in structure and size.

What are the requirements?

  • A Committee must have at least Three (3) members.
    In most cases this will include, President, Secretary & Treasurer
  • These members must be 18 or older and reside in Australia.

So what should your committee look like?

  • First you need to establish your constitutional requirements and then your association’s needs.
  • Your Association’s constitution will outline the committee positions of the Association it should also outline which positions are the Association’s Board/Executive. In most cases all Board/Executive positions are required to be filled along with committee position.
  • It is recommended your Association Board/Executive have a minimum of Five positions.

While it may be difficult to fill certain positions, it is imperative each committee position is filled with a suitable individual who can fulfill the role.

Principal Partner

Major Partners

Official Partners

Government Partners