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Women’s 30’s

Women’s 30’s division Grand Final Perth Brothers 9 defeated Tompkins Park 4

Referee 1: Matt Cooper

Referee 2: Breanne Burton

Referee 3: Marisa Chapman

PLAYER OF FINAL:#7 Renee Callaghan

From: Perth Brothers


Men’s 30’s

Men’s 30’s division Grand Final Karratha 7 defeated Northern Districts 4

Referee 1: James Knowlson

Referee 2: Matthew Bowman

Referee 3: Megan Lane

PLAYER OF FINAL:  #11 William Petrosanec

From: Karratha


Men’s 40’s

Men’s 40’s division Grand Final Northern Districts 10 defeated Joondalup ECU Jets 7

Referee 1: George Foster-Jones

Referee 2: David Kerwin

Referee 3: Alasdair Dempsey

PLAYER OF FINAL:  #16 Timothy Butler

From: Northern Districts


Men’s 50’s

Men’s 50’s division Grand Final Southern Districts 6 defeated Northern Districts 2    

Referee 1:Phillip Baikie

Referee 2: Chris Short

Referee 3:Paul Hogg

PLAYER OF FINAL:  #4 Christopher Benstead

From: Southern Districts


Mixed Open

Mixed Open division Grand Final Tompkins Park 14 defeated Perth Brothers 5

Referee 1: Lucas Patterson

Referee 2: Phil Finn

Referee 3: Mike Ellis

Male PLAYER OF FINAL:     #12 Jeremy Wallace             From:      Tompkins Park      

Female PLAYER OF FINAL: #1  Brooke Carroll                From:      Tompkins Park


Women’s Open

Women’s Open division Grand Final Fremantle 7 defeated Rosalie 2

Referee 1: Justin Parsons

Referee 2: James McMahon

Referee 3: Paul Richardson                                                     

PLAYER OF FINAL:  #11 Rukaya Msuo

From: Fremantle


Men’s Open

Men’s Open division Grand Final Fremantle 8 defeated Northern Districts 6                                                                    

Referee 1: Brian Blechynden 

Referee 2: Nicole West

Referee 3: Rob McKay  

PLAYER OF FINAL:  #24 Damian Ledington

From: Fremantle


2022 WA State Championships Major Awards

The Leading Female referee – Nicole West     

The Leading Male referee – Brian Blechynden                    

Referee of the Tournament  - Megan Lane


2022 CHAMPION AFFILIATE – Northern Districts

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