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Staff profiles

Colm Maguire

As the Chief Executive Officer, Colm provides leadership and direction to the outstanding team here at Touch Football Australia.  Having worked in the sport for some time, the ability to work with all stakeholders is a key strength while also playing a key public relations role for the sport overall.  The sport has lofty aspirations which Colm personally believes are achievable: Colm arrives at work every day wanting to achieve these goals and motivating the team and indeed the sport at large to pursue them with vigour.

Garry Foran

The Chief Finance Officer (CFO) and a member of TFA’s Executive Management, Garry’s role as CFO is not only responsible for TFA’s past and current financial position – through sound integrated systems and stewardship - but is an integral part of the organisations future – through economic guidance and advice. The role is about protecting and projecting TFA’s long term financial position. Garry’s core objective is to maintain a sound, strategically driven financial platform for decisions that will result in investment in the sport of Touch Football.  Be it by the attraction of significant partner and sponsor investment; or through the positive utilisation of internal investment capacity.

Julian Buckmaster

Julian’s role as TFA General Manager, Business Development and Marketing is to direct and drive with TFA’s great people, significant commercial and participation growth, increased profile and enhanced presentation and communications of the sport. As a member of the TFA Leadership Team, and with a strong focus to achieving our collective strategic goals to 2020, Julian is active and engaged on a number of fronts internal and external to the sport. This includes as a leader of teams, key advocate, marketing/BD practitioner and promoting/positioning the sport with the NRL and stakeholders as the leading sporting community in Australia. When time permits, Julian still enjoys competing with mates as an ‘Over 30’s’ player and as a parent of three budding juniors; playing with and watching in awe the next generation emerge.

Tim Arnold

Tim’s core function at TFA is to ensure we consolidate our position as one of the leading community sports in Australia. Through his role as General Manager, Regional Engagement and Compliance, Tim aims to help achieve this by working closely with the regional locations to monitor and improve performance, optimise the governance structures of the sport and enhance the engagement with government partners at all levels. Working closely with the entire Leadership Team, Tim also gets the opportunity to contribute to a number of strategy projects across different elements of the business.

Marianne Maguire

Marianne’s role is to facilitate collaboration and implementation of strategy to support the development of the sport – both on-field and off-field.  Marianne looks forward to this strategic cycle as we increase our presence in the Australian sporting industry as a leading community-minded sport.  Marianne enjoys being part of a sport that brings people of all ages, both genders and from all backgrounds together  - to play a sport that is simple and complex at the same time.

Business Operations Unit

Brian Carroll

As Business Manager Brian oversee finance, IT and other business operations for TFA.  Together with the Business Operations team we manage operations for TFA national and managed state operations.  We strive to provide best practice administration, as well as having a customer focus. Brian enjoys being a member of the Touch Football community, and is committed to working towards TFA’s future sustainable growth.

Preeti Soma

As a Finance Officer, Preeti’s role is to perform accounting and clerical tasks related to the efficient maintenance and processing of accounts payable transactions. Preeti provides support to the Business Operations Unit in Period End Reconciliations, Audits and Ledger Maintenance. Furthermore, Preeti assists National Staff in queries related to financial processing. The Touch Football Australia team Preeti associates and engages with are highly passionate about the sport and are very goal orientated and self-driven to achieve our strategic objectives as one team.

Felicity McDonald

As a Finance Officer, Felicity’s role is to look after accounts receivable and support the BOU and the remainder of the National office with queries of finance functions. She thoroughly enjoys being a part of Touch Football Australia as the organisation focusses upon the promotion of being physically active and giving back to the wider community. Felicity is very much looking forward to consistently supporting the wider involvement of the sport of Touch Football towards 2020. 



Grace Bryant

Grace’s role in the Business Operations Unit (BOU), is the first point of contact when contacting the Touch Football Australia National Office. Grace provides on a daily basis, support to the team in a financial and administrative capacity, with an emphasis on payroll processing and managing inventory. Grace’s key focus is to assist in streamlining and improving the TFA online shop, to ensure that our players, referees and supporters have easy access to the awesome range of TFA products and merchandise.

Business Development and Marketing

Tim Wyld

Tim’s core function in his role as Partner Services and Sponsorship Manager is to work with existing and source new TFA commercial partners to achieve key objectives aligned to the Strategic Plan, including: enhancing the value proposition to members, build the revenue position of the organisation and enabling re-investment into the sport. Tim also supports the Business Development and Marketing portfolio to achieve widespread awareness of Touch Football through marketing, promotion and the delivery of competitions and events.

Zoe Zinetti

As TFA Events Coordinator, Zoe manages and oversees the TFA Major Events program including International, National and State representative events. Zoe is looking forward to providing quality experiences and substantially enhancing the overall events’ experience for participants and attendees alike and raising the profile of the sport through to 2020. Zoe enjoys seeing our participants having fun and making memories at the events TFA delivers and by her own admission ‘is fortunate to work for a sport she loves with a great team of people’.

Sport Operations

Tara Steel

With Athlete, Coach and Referee Development as her core focus, Tara provides tools and resources needed to support our sport participants from grassroots to high performance. Tara enjoys being part of an energetic and diverse team, who are keen to challenge each other to continue to improve both on and off the field. Her key objectives relating to her program area includes achieving one million participants and number one status within the sport; with the tools and personnel to support all who participate at every level having a fantastic experience by 2020.

Wayne Grant

As TFA’s High Performance Manager, Wayne is responsible for the overall delivery of the High Performance Program which includes all National Youth, Open, Masters and Referee Squads. Wayne is looking forward to supporting all of the organisation’s objectives in this next strategic cycle. More specifically, ensuring our National Squads continue to thrive at every level we participate as either a player or referee. He is also looking forward to ensuring that all Squads are continuing to work hard in this cycle and hopefully defending the World Cup trophy in 2019.

Anthony Jennings

Anthony’s role as National School and Junior Services Manager is to ensure that a high standard of management is provided to Touch Football Australia’s current national school and junior programs as well as to ensure that we are continually developing innovative ways to engage this market. Anthony’s role is focused on achieving our strategic goal of 1,000,000 participants, including a market penetration of 15.2 percent of schools formally involved in the sport, by 2020.

Matt Tanner

Matt’s role as National Participation Manager is to deliver targeted growth strategies nationwide through the broadening of product offerings to create and sustain new and existing participation. Through diligent management of the participation framework, and openness of communication between all parties, the 2020 strategic objective of one million participants will be achieved. Matt is proud to be a part of an incredibly passionate and skillful team, and excited for the journey ahead.