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Starting a Team

If you are looking to put a team together to enter into a local competition there are a number of things which must be considered to do this. Firstly if you don’t already know your nearest Touch Football affiliate, use the Touch Football Australia Club 'Where Can I Play?' Locator at the top of the TFA website.

Once you’ve identified the affiliate you wish to enter your team at, contact the Competitions Coordinator as they will have all the relevant information and procedures to register your team. Most affiliates offer competitions on multiple weekday nights and most weekends.

The relationship between your identified team contact and the Competitions Coordinator at your affiliate is crucial. There is plenty of information that will be shared throughout the season, including draws, start times, any changes as well as general competition logistics including insurance.

It’s the responsibility of each individual to be aware of your competition’s rules and Conditions of Entry as well as Touch Football Australia’s Code of Ethics and Responsibility Code amongst other Touch Football Australia Rules and Policies.

Other considerations when starting a team include:

Team Numbers

Making sure you have enough players to field a side each week is essential. Each team can register up to 20 players, but only 14 can participate in any one game, with six players on the field at a time and unlimited substitutions. Failure to field at least six players for a game, can result in a forfeit.

Playing in the Right Division

Playing in the appropriate level of competition is important to ensure you maximise your Touch Football experience. Be sure to make sure your Competitions Coordinator is aware of the level you are seeking, whether it be social or a higher level. Most affiliates will conduct some form of grading of the competition during its initial stages to ensure the playing field is relatively fair and even.

Registering Your Team

Affiliated competitions to Touch Football Australia provide a formal registration process, which from January 1st 2015 is fully online via the Touch Football Online Portal. This offers a convenient and safe method for registration and payment. Participation in an affiliated competition ensures you are covered by the Touch Football Australian National Insurance Scheme.

Before each game, players must fill in and sign the Team Sheet, this includes if you have additional players who are ‘filling in’ for a game. Please be sure to communicate this to your Competitions Coordinator if you will be using such players. Signing off on the Team Sheet with your correct details ensures you are covered under the National Insurance Scheme.


Each participant is required to pay a fee to their local affiliate; this fee varies based on locations. Payment of this fee is critical to your participation in competition. Payments are sometimes required up front, please confirm with your Competitions Coordinator on the process.


In competition all players on the same team need to be in matching uniforms with numbers on the back, these numbers need to be at least 16cm in height. Be sure to communicate with your Competitions Coordinator to ensure your uniform won’t clash with another team in your competition.

Referees will generally be dressed in a white uniform, therefore we recommend teams to choose a colour other than white for their uniforms.

Touch Football Australia’s merchandise providers have a number of uniform options which can cater for all needs and budgets, please follow the below links to their websites to view their product ranges and more information.

Duty Refereeing

Referees are an essential part of the sport and can be found at all affiliate locations. Some locations choose to employ a ‘duty referee’ system, whereby teams will be required to provide a referee on some occasions to fulfil the competitions requirements.

This method of referee allocation is crucial to some locations, so please ensure that when it’s your team’s turn to provide a referee you do so to ensure everyone has the chance to maximise their Touch Football experience.

Respect for referees is a paramount focus of Touch Football Australia; participants are expected to treat each referee with the same amount of respect as they would their teammates whether they are a paid official or fulfilling their duty referee requirements.