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Getting Involved

Refereeing can be one of the most rewarding elements in sport. Referees are crucial to the game of Touch Football, and are rewarded accordingly, as refereeing at your local affiliate can become another stream of income. 

There are multiple opportunities to get involved in refereeing. If you’re interested in becoming a referee then please contact your respective State Office of local affiliate for information. Visit the 'Where Can I Play?' locator at the top of the TFA website to find your closest affiliate. 

Duty Refereeing

Some affiliates choose to employ a ‘duty referee’ system, whereby teams will be required to provide a referee on some occasions to fulfil the competitions requirements.

This method of referee allocation is crucial to some locations, so please ensure that when it’s your team’s turn to provide a referee you do so to ensure everyone has the chance to maximise their Touch Football experience.

Respect for Referees

Touch Football Australia places a significant focus on ensuring the sport is free of abuse and harassment for all participants, particularly for referees given the difficult role they sometimes face.

A number of frameworks have been implemented to ensure this for all referees, including a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to abuse and harassment of officials endorsed by the TFA Board of Management. These frameworks are aligned to the Sport’s Responsibility Code and Member Protection Policy, leading to the creation of the TFA Disciplinary Regulations Manual, as well as an advertisement, highlighting the importance of respect for Touch Football Referees.

YouTube Video: ‘Fair Enough’ Respect for Referees Campaign

Created by Touch Football South Australia and the South Australian Government’s Office for Recreation and Sport.