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Information For Parents

Touch Football is a highly accessible sport, played by both boys and girls of all ages and of differing backgrounds. The sport’s inclusivity is one of the reasons why it is recognised as the most popular sport in the Australian School Sport System, widely praised by Physical Education teachers across the country.

Development of Your Child

Touch Football presents children with the opportunity to develop an array of skills which will be highly beneficial later in life, doing so in an environment that encourages physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices.

Team work, communication, leadership, cooperation and social interaction are amongst the pivotal skills which are developed through playing Touch Football, as well as the inherent physical benefits.

The low contact nature of the sport makes it highly conducive for children who have limited sporting experience as well as for those who are wary of injury prevention. Medical practitioners and sports doctors describe injuries in Touch Football as being low and unlikely. The size and shape of a child has little influence over their participation, nor does the child’s gender.

As a sport, Touch Football nurtures all of the values in which you would want your child to be exposed to in regards to respect for everyone no matter age, race, gender or physical capacity. Touch Football Australia has many policies in place to ensure that these values are upheld at all levels, from the park where everyone starts out to hopefully one day on the international stage.  These can be found in the ‘Rules and Policies’ section of the TFA website.

A Family Bonding Activity

Touch Football is a sport which for generations has involved families at all stages in life. It provides the opportunity for everyone in the family to be involved and even play together in weekly competitions. Mums and Dads can play with their sons and daughters, with even grandparents and grandchildren running around together in park competitions across the country.

Playing with family is a rarity in sport; Touch Football provides the platform for this to be done. However, if playing is not your style there are many other positions that can be fulfilled by parents wishing to be involved in their children’s sport. Please contact your Competitions Coordinator at your local affiliate to find out how you can contribute to the Touch Football Community.

Perfect for the Busy Parent

All parents are busy; everyone knows that, and Touch Football is considerate of this fact. The short and sharp nature of the sport means that parents won’t need to spend long afternoons or nights at the fields with their children, as a game of Touch Football last just 45 minutes.

Not only is Touch Football efficient on time but it is also highly cost effective as the sport requires minimal equipment to participate, therefore keeping the costs down on uniform and protective gear.