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Touch Football Australia (TFA) as part of its Strategic Plan 2011 - 2015, has been reviewing requirements related to the registration of individual participants. TFA has a particular strategic objective to 'Substantially increase participation to 500,000 verifiable and contactable members by 2015'.

As the constituted national organisation for Touch Football, TFA has subsequent requirements for affiliated members as stipulated in the TFA Constitution. Clause 15 of the constitution outlines details about how an affiliate remains recognised by TFA and simple requirements to remain compliant. A copy of the full Constitution and Strategic Plan can be found on the TFA website

Importantly, relevant to this communication, affiliated associations are obligated to keep a registration of all participants within the area or under its representation. This information of participants must be provided to TFA in a recognised national format on a regular basis. This recognised format will only be accepted via Online Registration as of Season 1, 2015.

In addition to constitutional requirements, TFA needs this information as part of covering affiliates and individuals with insurance through the National Insurance Scheme.

As a result of new changes in technology and societal pressure, TFA is in the process of transitioning to a national online registration system. Through a strategic partnership with FOX SPORTS PULSE (formerly SportingPulse), TFA has developed and released Touch Football Online (TFO) to be used by affiliates and the breadth of the Touch Football community.

TFO helps affiliates maintain their organisation's competitions and payments/financial details, but also track member data and facilitate more effective engagement and communication with members. Regardless of the size or scope of your affiliate, TFO can build new efficiencies into your business processes (e.g. vastly reduced paperwork), saving you time and enabling you to manage your competition information the most effective way.

The following is available to affiliated associations and clubs at no cost:

-         Standard Website

-         Touch Football Online

-          Competition Management

-          Membership Management

-          Online Registrations and Payments


TFA and FOX SPORTS PULSE provide a range of premium products to compliment Touch Football Online;

-         Live Score: Allows administrators to record a match live. Live Score is a function of 'At Game' which is part of Online Results, allowing a person to enter scores live onto a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

-         Schedula: Appoint, notify and manage officials with Schedula. An online 'Official Management' solution for associations makes the task of managing your officials a whole lot easier, saving you from double handling your data.

-         Sports Protect (TFA Risk Management App) is a dedicated App for Risk Communication, Management and Reporting for a safe sports environment.

How to get started:

1.     Complete the TFO Conversion Checklist and TFO Terms & Conditions of Use Agreement

2.     Register for a SP Passport account

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