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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

By Julian Buckmaster (@JulianTFA) and Mark Barnes

As a young woman in today’s fast-paced society across metropolitan, regional and remote centres, opportunities in the workforce can be few and far between.

It takes a great deal of hard work, dedication and commitment and an acute awareness of where opportunities might arise and tellingly, when. This is particularly where Danielle Davis shines and is a beacon for other young women to follow; inside and outside the office environment.

As a third-year Criminology student at Western Sydney University and international Touch Football star of some repute, Danni is supporting ‘Project Sydney’s’ wider campaign to increase opportunities for young people to break into today’s workforce.

Using her voice and burgeoning social media profile, along with other equally inspiring young women, to promote positive role modelling and messaging for others to seek out and seize those opportunities. The campaign aims to create significant awareness and pathways for Sydney’s ongoing growth and development; and to specifically showcase how young women can dream big and pursue a successful career through a variety of disciplines.

Promoted today in The Daily Telegraph and across the News Ltd network, ‘Project Sydney’ is a rolling campaign initiative by the NSW/Federal Government, Western Sydney University and commercial partners including Harvey Norman over coming weeks. Danni couldn’t be more excited about her advocacy role and sharing her own back story and experiences.

“I was humbled by the opportunity to do the shoot and story for The Daily Telegraph in conjunction with Touch Football Australia and Harvey Norman,” she said on her experience.

“I didn’t know what to expect but playing for Australia in Touch Football, you have that role model status and privileged position; and being someone who studies at University and doing what I do, it is just humbling to be part of the campaign and contribute to the message,” she added.

“I think for girls in Sydney particularly, it is tough for young people and girls especially to get out, do things and be successful. If they are driven and determined to achieve their goals though, there are so many opportunities in across the city and indeed other centres’ for them to do so.”

As an international Touch Football star, student and role model for young women, Danni expressed the difficulty of balancing these responsibilities but with a keen eye on the rewards.

“It is tough! I am not going to lie; it is hard – you get back what you put in.”

When put into perspective, she confessed she wouldn’t be where she is without the support network around her.

“I am forever thankful to my family and how much they support me. Western Sydney University regularly supports me too in my studies: giving me extensions on multiple assignments and my various workplaces over the years have been understanding too and given me the time and the support I need.

“It has been tough but I am lucky for all the people and support structures around me.”

Danni added that while hard work and support networks are a given, critical to success is for young women to have role models to admire and achievements to aspire to.

“The more role models that girls have to look up to, particularly sports people, it gives people something special to strive for,” she said.

“I know a few girls in the Rugby Sevens like Dominique Du Toit and Brooke Walker who have previously played Touch and are now studying at university while playing for Australia. There are many girls who are achieving like-goals through Touch Football and Rugby League particularly and I think they are setting such a great example for future generations to come.”

Davis’ advice to young women aspiring to take a leaf out of her playbook and be like her is simple:

“Be true to yourself. Stick to your values and be honest with yourself and others and not lose yourself in the moment.  If you stay humble, grounded, driven and focused, you can’t go wrong!”

Top marks to Dani on all she has achieved on and off the field; and blazing a trail and lighting a path ahead with her peers for generations to come.