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Sport Education and Athlete Development Framework 2017

Monday, June 05, 2017

Touch Football Australia (TFA) has a core strategic priority of supporting Human Capital – Our People, for the 2016-2020 period. This included Sport Education systems and development opportunities to increase accredited referees and coaches to provide quality services across all levels of the sport.

To support this process, and continue with the update and review of the Accreditation and Education systems which commenced in 2014 with the implementation of FTEM, The Sport Education Framework 2017 has been developed and is now available.

This document will replace the previous Sport Education Guidelines 2013 document as a tool to provide an overview of the Sport Education curriculums and formal accreditation systems. 

The release of this Framework will directly help support the strategic objective of - Unified through best practice administration – 14,000 accredited volunteers in a unified workforce.

The document brings together the accreditation curriculums from Coach, Referee and Coach disciplines, along with TFA course delivery accreditation and protocols, and supporting development information such as Mentoring.

TFA, in alignment with the Athlete, Coach and Referee Development have also reviewed and updated the Athlete Development Framework.

Originally released in 2013 the Athlete Development Framework has helped provide a skill and strategy framework to continue to support Athletes in the FTEM pathway.

The framework continues to cover the eight key categories listed below, with some changes or additions made within each of the sections, particularly in the Elite and Mastery areas.

1. Movement

2. Ball Skills

3. Rollball

4. Rucking

5. Attack

6. Defence

7. Game concepts and strategies

8. Athletic performance

TFA have released a range of resources to support the implementation of this Framework including Athlete Skill Checklists, and Video Collections of Skill explanations and training drills via our website. These resources will continue to expand in the 2017 year.

Please review the attached documents below. For further information contact