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2017 NTL Results

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Congratulations to all of the winners at the 2017 National Touch League in Coffs Harbour.

Men’s Open

Queensland Cowboys 6 defeated Queensland Titans 3 

Women’s Open

New South Wales Scorpions 8 defeated Queensland Broncos 5

Mixed Open

Sydney Rebels 10 defeated South Queensland Sharks 7 

Men’s T League

Central Queensland Bulls A 6 defeated South Queensland Sharks 5

Women’s T League

South West Swans 6 defeated Sydney Scorpions A 1

Women’s 27’s  

Brisbane City Cobras 4 defeated Victoria Storm 3

Men’s 30’s

South Queensland Sharks 8 defeated Sydney Scorpions 6

Women's 35's

Hunter Western Hornets 5 defeated Victoria Storm 1 

Men’s 40’s

ACT Raiders 6 defeated Brisbane City Cobras 5

Women’s 40’s

Hunter Western Hornets 4 defeated South Queensland Sharks 3

Men’s 45’s

South Queensland Sharks 10 defeated ACT Raiders 6

Women's 45's 

Sydney Scorpions 1 defeated Hunter Western Hornets 0

Men’s 50’s

Sydney Scorpions 5 defeated South Queensland Sharks 3

Men’s 55’s

Sydney Scorpions 7 defeated Sydney Mets 2

Senior Mixed

Southern Suns 11 defeated South Queensland Sharks 7


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