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Touch Football has over 400,000 registered members and an additional 500,000 children participating in school programs and related activities, which places the sport among the top participation based, organised sports in Australia.

Touch Football Australia encourages participation in our sport, in any capacity, by all members of the community - without reference to age, ability, income, education, sexual preference, race or religion.

The strength of Touch Football is the community Touch Football affiliates throughout Australia that continue to provide opportunities for people of any age, gender, race, ethnic or language group or religion to participate in the sport.

These affiliates continue to thrive as a result of the dedication and efforts of thousands of volunteers and administrators who sacrifice many hours for the stability and growth of Touch Football.

It is with great pleasure that Touch Football Australia provides various resources to communities and their volunteers to assist with the administration of Touch Football affiliates throughout the country at the local level.

Benefits of Membership:

         Free website

         Touch Football Online

         Competitions and events

         National Insurance

         Disciplinary Regulations and tribunal system

         Sport and education resources

         Refereeing, coaching and junior development

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